August 27th, 2008

Natural blog cycle

I’d love to say that I meant to pause blogging, but I did not plan it that way. Now I think it’s maybe just the natural cycle of things. Maybe I should plan for blog obsolescence every 18 months or so, and move somewhere else, somewhere new; before my passion for writing begins to feel routine.

I’ve done my best to stay visible by consistently sharing stuff I feel is of value to others on Twitter, on Facebook and in face to face conversations.

I still should’ve let you know earlier… but I’m now blogging over here.

* * *
By Steve Bridger filed under blogging

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2 Responses to “Natural blog cycle”

  1. Nick Booth Says:

    Monitoring this feed has felt like listening to the skies for alien life. Welcome to earth man from planet twitter.

  2. Steve Bridger Says:

    It’s blogging Nick, but not as you know it :)