June 9th, 2007

My Fundraising 2.0 presentation

On Tuesday (…it already seems much longer than that), I facilitated an “online fundraising” workshop for a number of wonderful development NGO-people in Brussels. We were all attending the Euforic AGM. Scarily, a few photos have appeared on Flickr.

Not sure how much sense my presentation will make without the narrative, but here it is anyway:

I peppered the session with examples of charities (and donors) already using social media to raise money for their causes. Participants raised some challenging questions. So challenging in fact, that I need to chew on these for a bit before I can adequately respond. And I didn’t really have time to work in my re-mix of David Wilcox’s card game. I have that for another time.

It was great to meet and talk with fellow blogger Paolo Ferrara, along with Agnes Philippart and Andreas Vogt of Concord.

All told, a whirlwind (and almost sleep-deprived) 24-hours, but I did manage an evening stroll around the Grand Place, fuelled by some Belgian sausages and washed down with a glass or two of Chimay Bleu in the company of Nancy White and Joitske Hulsebosch…to name just two. Many thanks to Peter Ballantyne for the invite, and to Birthe Paul and Martin Behrens for making it easy for me on the day.

Here’s the Slideshare link, in case the presentation doesn’t load.

* * *

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10 Responses to “My Fundraising 2.0 presentation”

  1. Nick Says:

    Brilliant job Steve.

  2. Beth Kanter Says:


    I’m so glad that you were able to connect with these folks. Where is your remix of the game? I’m going to do it for a fundraising session in July …

    Here’s a wiki I set up to make it easy share remixes of this game AND for templates to facilitate it.


    I also set up a slideshare group for our collective powerpoints

  3. Paolo Ferrara Says:

    Great job, Steve. I’ve just published your power point presentation for the Italian readers look forward to see you again (in Milan?)

  4. joitske Says:

    Ha, ha, did you see Beth’s comment here

    She thinks you are the one in the picture- the bald guy (that happens when people digest tons of info in a day :)

  5. Simon Doggett Says:

    First class stuff Steve!

    Thanks for the mention too, it’s flattering to be part of such a great presentation!

  6. Steve Bridger Says:

    Nick – you’re too kind. Hope to see you on the 12th at NCVO for the e-panel gig.

    A big thank you, Beth… and I will share my ‘card game’ once I’ve made a couple of improvements. Pronto!

    Paolo – Grazie. A million times. It was an honour meeting you, Sir ;-)

    Joitske – we all look alike, apparently :) Some are more bald than others though.

    Cheers, Simon. Do keep me updated on JG Web 2.0-ness.

  7. Beth Kanter Says:


    I’m doing a presentation in a few weeks on Web2.0 tools with a focus on widgets, etc. I’m going to remix part of your presentation .. I love the recursiveness of our remixing and remixing!

  8. Steve Bridger Says:

    Beth – remix away… ‘Tis an honour :)

  9. Beth Kanter Says:

    Hi Steve,

    On slide 23, where did you draw those stats from? Just curious? I’m in heavy remixing mode …

  10. David the fund raising maestro Says:

    Hi Steve
    This looks good, can I use it in Australia and create a link to it from my website?